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Outdoor Training College

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Why study with Outdoor Training College?

flexible on-line learning

Learn anytime, anyplace. Our courses are delivered via our web based on-line learning in conjunction with face-to-face training sessions delivered in the field, a flexible blended learning environment. The course content focuses on key skills that develop your knowledge base so that you can successfully develop the skills and knowledge required for your course outcome.

Learning and assessment will be via a variety of methods utilising our e-learning platform, depending on the course enrolled you will be utilising one or more of the below methods including:

- Learner Guides/Material - these are readable online and provide information to grow your knowledge base

- Online Quizzes - these are completed at the end of each section, to validate information from the learning material

- Online Exams - At the finalisation of all quizzes, you must complete an online exam for each Unit of Competency.

- Workbook/Assignments - These are form fill documents that are either short ansswer questionnaires, scenario based, assignments depending on the unit of competency involved.

- Online Videos / Presentations - These are delivered online and can be veiwed at any time

Learner Guides/Workbooks: "We encourage all our students to take their own notes for reference, our online course material is not available in printed format"



face-to-face training

Our face-to-face training sessions are conducted in various locations throughout Australia. The online calendar is regularly updated allowing enrolled students to view and select their own training session within their course time frame. If face-to-face training is required, students will need to attend an initial training / assessment within 3 months of enrolment. Please note: Not all courses require face-to-face training.


holistic assessment

At Outdoor Training College, we use the holistical assessment for all courses. This means that the assessment is completed holistically with the online learning units, workbooks and assignments, completed log/practice books in conjunction with face-to-face training (if a course requirment). We cannot grant any competencies until all areas of assessment have been completed successfully.



professional development

Professional development is a continuous career pathway. We have developed specific professional development courses that are aimed at providing or improving a specific skill, increase your organisational value or enhance your future career development. Today's outdoor recreation professionals need to keep abreast of the latest developments in our industry. These can include areas such as keeping current with industry expectations New technologies, gear, equipment and processes etc. An Outdoor Training College professional development course can help you develop your existing skills and improve your organisational worth.