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Not sure of your next career step?

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Career Pathways

Not sure of your next career step?

  1. Are you looking for a diverse, challenging and rewarding caeer? The outdoor recreation and sport & recreation industry offer this and much more, with a wide range of pathways, the sector offers a range of careers that impact positively on people's lives by contributing to their health and wellbeing in addition to building stronger, happier, healthier and safer communities. With careers that range from Outdoor Recreation Guides and Instructors, Sport and Recreation workers to Facility Managers, there is something to suit a wide variety of interests and skills. Careers in this area generally requires individuals that possess specific qualification and importantly, you need to have a passion for working with people, the outdoors and your chosen recreation area or activity.


The pathway to success:

There is more than one pathway to a successful career, and it may not always be in a straight line. Careers in this sector are as diverse as the sector and can include:

Outdoor Guide Outdoor Instructor Pool Lifeguard
Club Coordinator / Manager Exercise Instructor Facility Manager
Community Activity Assistant Exercise Trainer Professional Athlete
Competition Manager High Performance Coach Program Officer / Coordinator / Manager
Executive Officer Recreation Officer / Coordinator / Manager Specialised Exercise Trainer
Sport Development Officer / Manager Sports Coach Volunteer Coordinator / Manager


The qualifications and Job outcomes of the National Training Package are:


Career Pathway

SIS20419 Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Activity Assistant

SIS30619 Certificate III in Outdoor Leadership

Outdoor Guide, Outdoor Leader - working under instructions

SIS40621 Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Guide, Outdoor Leader - ability to work in the field at a higher level of independence

SIS50419 Diploma of Outdoor Leadership

Operations Manager, Program Manager, Outdoor leader



SIS30115 Certificate III in Sport & Recreation

Recreation Assistant, Administration Assistant, Grounds Assistant, Retail Assistant

Note: The above are just a small example of suggested careers within the various industry sectors and should not be solely relied upon when choosing a career pathway.