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Credit Transfer - RCC

What is Credit Transfer?

Credit Transfer is the recognition of academic credits gained through formal study at Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), professional bodies or enterprises and universities. Credit Transfer is credit given based on documentary evidence of statement of attainment/qualifications.


External and Internal Credit Transfers

There are two types of Credit Transfer;




External Credit which applies if you completed eligible units of study at another tertiary institution or training organisation.   Internal Credit which is available if you previously completed units of study at Outdoor Training College as part of a different course.
Note: Applicants applying for an Internal Credit may be eligible for a reduction in the course fees (at the discretion of the Training Manager) and based upon the date of you completing any previous courses


Applying for External Credit Transfer

When applying for credit from external institutions, please provide the following documentation:

• Your official transcript, or a certified copy of your official transcript. We cannot accept print-offs of online academic results

• Comprehensive unit of study outlines for each unit that you are applying to have considered for credit. Unit of study outlines must include a description of the learning content, details of assessment, contact hours, number of teaching weeks and the credit point weighting


Will you recognise other training organisations?

Our College undertakes to recognise qualifications issued by other Australian Registered Training Organisations who have authority to issue qualifications. Credit Transfer will be granted upon receipt of sufficient evidence to support the application. Credit Transfer is credit given based on documentary evidence of statement of attainment/qualifications.

Our organisation has agreed to operate within the prinicples of the SNR, Our training organisation will only recognise previous qualifications if they meet the following requirements;

It is recognised within the current training package that the units are the equivalent to those being delivered in the current course

If you wish to apply for National Recognition for a unit/units, please forward a certified copy of the Statement of Attainment or certificate within 2 weeks of enrolment.

August 2016 - ASQA Update: Accepting other RTO's Certificates

ASQA has become aware that some individuals holding qualifications issued by now cancelled RTO's are approaching current RTO's seeking to have their qualification reissued. Whilst Standard 3.5 of the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015 requires RTOs to accept and provide credit to learners for units of competency delivered by another RTO, ASQA wishes to make clear that RTOs are under no obligation to issue any certification based entirely on the individual having undertaken all of the required training with another RTO (see full article here)


Does my certificate meet the requirements?

All vocational education and training qualifications issued under the Framework must include the following elements:

  name, code and logo of issuing body
  name of person receiving the qualification
  the Framework, e.g. Certificate I, Diploma
  Units of Competency listed (including codes and descriptors
  reflect the Nationally Recognised Training Logo (upside down triangle)
  date issued
  authorised signatory
  all submitted copies must be certified


If you believe that any previous training that you have completed makes you eligible for Credit Transfer ensure that certified copies of relevant certificates and qualifications are submitted within 2 weeks of enrolment

Your assessor will then determine if Credit Transfer can be granted based upon the documents that you supply.


Recognition of Current Competence - RCC

Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) RCC applies if an individual has previously successfully completed the requirements of a unit of competency or module and is now required to be reassessed to ensure that the competence is being maintained. It is particularly relevant where there is a requirement for an occupational license or ticket in order to practice in the skill area.